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Your security and confidentiality is of paramount importance whilst using Digital Channels. Under this section we have detailed your security obligations when using Digital Channels, what we are doing to keep you safe online and some important guidelines on how you can avoid fraudulent attacks.

Security obligations: Collapsed

You must comply with your security obligations which are set out in the Security User Guide PDF† (242KB) (opens in a new window). Each of these obligations creates an additional layer of security. Failure to comply with any of these security obligations increases the risk of unauthorised transactions on your accounts.

Hardware and Software Requirements: Collapsed

The attached guide provides you with the recommended minimum technical specifications for operating Digital Channels.

Security Devices: Collapsed

Barclays offer both the Barclays Biometric Reader (BBR) and Barclays ‘Sign What You See’ (SWYS) PIN pad reader for use on our Digital Channels.

Please visit the Barclays Biometric Reader site as well as the Barclays ‘Sign What You See’ (SWYS) PIN pad reader page to find out more about our security device offerings for login and authentication on our Digital Channels.

Encryption: Collapsed

Digital Channels uses proven 128-bit encryption and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) processes to provide high levels of security.