International Payments
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Generate IBAN

For each of your Barclays Bank accounts you will find your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) printed on your bank statement. Alternatively, you can create the IBAN here.

You must provide your payer with a valid IBAN for your account and the Barclays SWIFTBIC (Bank Identifier Code) which is either BARCGB22 or BUKBGB22. The payer should include your IBAN and the SWIFTBIC in their payment instruction to their bank to ensure the payment is processed.

If you submit incorrect sort codes and/or account numbers 3 times consecutively, you will be prevented from generating IBANs. To continue using the IBAN generator restart your web browser. There is no charge for processing payments received from EU/EEA countries in euro for €50,000 or less if they contain your IBAN and SWIFTBIC details.

To generate an IBAN, enter your Barclays UK sort code and account number.

You cannot create IBANs for your beneficiaries' account. Contact the beneficiary to obtain their IBAN.

Please check that you have entered your correct Sortcode and Account Number.

Account Number
Account Number

If your sort code has changed please note the change in both SWIFT BIC and IBAN.

In order to identify the SWIFT BIC associated to your Barclays account please locate within your generated IBAN the below code letters;

Code letters Barclays entity SWIFT BIC
GB##BUKB  Barclays Bank UK PLC  BUKBGB22
GB##BARC  Barclays Bank PLC  BARCGB22
CY Barclays Cyprus  BARCCYNN
GI##BARC Barclays Gibraltar  BARCGIGI

As example, please see below sort codes and account numbers and their link to a Barclays entity;

Sort code & acct. number  =   IBAN  Barclays Entity SWIFT BIC
201234 12345678 = GB78BUKB20123412345678 Barclays Bank UK PLC BUKBGB22
201234 12345678 = GB48BARC20123412345678 Barclays Bank PLC BARCGB22
201234 12345678 = CY19108000010020123412345678 Barclays Cyprus BARCCYNN
201234 12345678 = GI17BARC020123412345678  Barclays Gibraltar  BARCGIGI