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All clients

Barclays iPortal Overview video

Learn all about the exciting features and functionality in Barclays iPortal.

Barclays iPortal Add New User video

Barclays iPortal Add New User video: Illustrates how clients can set up and amend iPortal and Barclays.Net user access for new and existing users across different roles and responsibilities.

Barclays iPortal Software Installation video

Barclays iPortal Software Installation Video: How to install your device reader software.

Accessing Digital Channels Remotely

Due to an increase in the need to support our clients to work dynamically, we have produced this Remote Access video which outlines what clients need to do to ensure that they can operate their business in a remote environment away from the office during this challenging time.

Barclays iPortal - Bespoke role profile video

Learn how to create and assign bespoke role profiles in Barclays iPortal to provide users with the specific access they require.

Barclays iPortal - Default role profile video

Learn how to assign a default role profile to set up your users on Barclays iPortal.

Fraudulent behaviour is on the rise

We are seeing increasing reports of fraudsters tricking businesses into downloading software which gives them access to your computer, enabling the fraudsters to make payments, and take money from your accounts.

Corporate Banking only clients

Barclays iPortal International Payment Track and Trace with SWIFT gpi video

Barclays iPortal international payment track and trace with SWIFT gpi video: Allows clients to search for and track their international payments from payment creation to final destination through each stage of the process.

Barclays iPortal Merchant Services video

Barclays iPortal Merchant services video: Provides clients with the ability to manage chargebacks and merchant service accounts in iPortal.

Barclays iPortal Payments video

Providing clients with the ability to make and manage payments in Barclays iPortal.

Barclays iPortal Trade Portal video

Providing clients with the ability to apply for Bonds, Guarantees & Indemnities and Standby Letters of Credit in Barclays iPortal.

Barclays Digital Signing video

How to use Digital Signing and the benefits – please always ensure you verify that any signing request is genuine before taking action.

Barclays Fund Investment video

How to make and manage your investments in Barclays iPortal with a selection of Money Market Funds.

Barclays iPortal Balance and Transaction Reporting video

Check your latest account balances, view and reconcile your transactions.

Barclays Corporate App

With the Barclays Corporate App, you can access Barclays iPortal using your mobile as an authentication device as well as view balance and transaction information from Barclays iPortal on your mobile.

Barclays iPortal Trade and Working Capital video

Provides clients with access to digital applications across a range of Barclays Trade & Working Capital products, allowing intuitive digital and paperless interaction on a safe and secure platform, with full visibility and management for all your live transactions.

Barclays iPortal Remote Cheque Imaging Video

Learn how to deposit cheques digitally using Barclays iPortal Remote Cheque Imaging to save time and reduce costs.

Barclays iPortal Trade and Working Capital: How Do I Admin Video

Learn how Admins can set up and amend iPortal and Barclays iPortal Trade and Working Capital user access for new and existing users, assigning different roles and responsibilities.

Virtual Account Structures Video

Improve visibility of cash by grouping your virtual accounts into virtual account structures.

Virtual Accounts Payments and Reporting video

Access a full range of reporting capabilities, and make payments directly to and from virtual accounts using Virtual IBANs.

Virtual Accounts Interest Management video

Manage your virtual accounts interest rates, and benefit from the ability to customise your interest rates for each account.

Virtual Entity and Accounts Creation video

Create a virtual entity to segregate your virtual accounts, and benefit from self-serve virtual account management.